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The Chicago Neon Community Coop is a single-craft member-run maker space located in Evanston IL and bordering the Chicago neighborhood of East Rogers Park. It provides a facility for its members to practice the craft of neon, exchange ideas and display work. Besides the traditional craft, other tools will allow members to collaboratively and individually explore the intersections of art, design, technology and culture. The Coop will be self-supporting by hosting events, teaching classes and seminars to the general community, and assessing member dues.

The Origin Story

I’ve been teaching neon at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago since the mid 1980’s. What started as an experiment with one course a year proved to be so popular that there is a now a complete light media curriculum which includes five neon classes. Every semester painters, sculptors, designers, photographers, architects, conceptual artists, historians, every creative discipline, are excited about learning this seductive but difficult medium and pushing their creative possibilities. And without fail every semester students utter the inevitable question:  “I love neon, so where can I go in Chicago to continue after I graduate?” Unfortunately, the answer has always been nowhere. Till now. Welcome to NenComCoop!

Greg Mowery
Associate Adjunct Professor
Department of Art And Technology
School of the Art Institute of Chicago


The Chicago Neon Community Coop (NenComCoop) will be located in the new Neon Design Studio Complex at 519 W. Howard St., Evanston, IL. Neon Design is Chicagoland’s premier commercial neon shop. We will be sharing this space with other creative artists and designers.The building is less than one block west of the Howard CTA station in an historic structure build by the Ford Motor Company to repair Model T’s.

Our Mission

Chicago Neon Community Coop (NenComCoop) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, charitable organization with a mission to provide education, working access, and community to its members.

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Lawyers for the Creative Arts

The Chicago Neon Community Cooperative is grateful to Lawyers for the Creative Arts for their support providing pro bono representation.